Haldimann H11/ H12 Central Balance Pure Made to Order in 18k Gold or Stainless Steel, 42mm or 39mm

$ 67,000.00 USD

In conclusion, the H11 can be seen as the counterpart of the H1. For, whereas the core of the H1 is virtually extrapolated over the dial, the H11 hides its inner life, only to reveal on the reverse a compact mi- crocosm clustered around the central balance. Only to the wearer himself shall this microcosm be accessible. Once he takes off the H11 to let his mind sink into the play of the central balance he will become aware of the events taking place at the lower level. There the escapement wheel, second wheel, minute wheel and hour wheel spin to the beat of the escapement.

It is hard to say which aspect is more alluring: the impulsive play of the central balance with its entourage of busy wheels or the soothing promenade of the unique hands on the elegant dial. The H11 shows us two faces of time – the measured time and the passage of time – and does so surpassing every other Haldimann watch in clarity and beauty. In order to accentuate the equivalence of the said two faces of time the H11 holds a discreet feature: the main plate and the dial possess the exact same frosted gilt finish.