H. Moser & Cie. Heritage Tourbillion in Stainless Steel with Funky Blue Fumé Dial

$ 49,900.00 USD

Revealing its beating heart through a window at the bottom of the dial, the Heritage Tourbillon in steel with a Funky Blue fumé dial takes inspiration from the past while incorporating modern touches. With every tick and every rotation, the Tourbillon emphasizes the human element which has driven the world of watchmaking for centuries.Case Material: Stainless steel

Dial: Funky blue fumé

Strap: Hand buffed kudu leather

Movement: The HMC 804 is an automatic tourbillon movement which counteracts the effects of gravity in two ways: the one-minute flying tourbillon, and the patented double hairspring where two identical hairsprings compensate for any positional errors.

Power Reserve: 72 Hours

Diameter: 42mm

Water Resistance: 3 ATM

Functions: Conceived to counteract the effects of gravity on the watch’s timekeeping precision, the tourbillon is a device in which the regulating organ and escapement are placed, which constantly rotates around a central axis to eliminate any positional errors.

Highlight: Along with the sunburst pattern and gradient colour effect of the fumé dial, this concept model takes a minimalistic approach by foregoing the logo and all other markings from the watch face.