Blaken Customized Rolex Daytona Ceramic

$ 48,250.00 USD

A Blaken is more than a mere watch. A Blaken reflects your individuality in its most exclusive form. With our patented “Diamond Like Carbon” procedure we personalize Rolex watches to make them true individual masterpieces for your wrist, with a very personal touch. The result is a piece of watchmaking art made especially for you, the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It’s simply a real Blaken.


The „Diamond Like Carbon“ Coating, also known as DLC Coating, is patented, and Blaken is the only company to apply it in this form anywhere in the world. It takes more than 16 days for a Blaken to undergo all the processes in the personalization procedure, which are overseen and quality-checked by our specialised engineers and materials experts. The result is a perfect jewel-like surface with a shine and toughness that is scarcely matched anywhere in science and technology.

For a long time, the material quality of the diamond-like carbon was only able to prove its extraordinary mechanical and chemical characteristics in relative secrecy. The coatings, which in their various forms are collectively known as DLC, standing for Diamond Like Carbon, were originally developed for use as protective wear in motorsport as well as aeronautical and aerospace technologies, as well as in medicine.


  • 40 mm diameter
  • hermetically sealed Oyster housing
  • sapphire crystal watch glass
  • waterproof to 100 metres


  • fixed, engraved, tachymetric ceramic bezel


  • Oyster bracelet
  • Oysterlock-clasp with safety bar
  • Easylink extension system (5 mm)


  • Self-winding movement
  • Parachrom Breguet overcoil spring
  • Chronograph with accuracy of 1/8th of a second
  • Triplock winding crown


  • Global five year warranty
  • Blaken watch box
  • Free global delivery via a luxury goods courier

Up to eight times harder than Rolex watchsteel.

Virtually scratchproof and corrosion-resistant.

Chemical resistant and no allergenic materials.